A. Employer of the Year Awards categories

A01. Employer of the Year | Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations
A02. Employer of the Year | Aerospace & Defense
A03. Employer of the Year | Artificial Intelligence
A04. Employer of the Year | Automotive, Transportation, Storage, and Logistics
A05. Employer of the Year | Banking
A06. Employer of the Year | Business Products
A07. Employer of the Year | Business Services
A08. Employer of the Year | Chemicals
A09. Employer of the Year | Cloud Computing/SaaS/Internet
A10. Employer of the Year | Conglomerates
A11. Employer of the Year | Consulting
A12. Employer of the Year | Consumer Products – Durables
A13. Employer of the Year | Consumer Products – Non-Durables
A14. Employer of the Year | Consumer Services
A15. Employer of the Year | Diversified Services
A16. Employer of the Year | Education and Training
A17. Employer of the Year | Electronics
A18. Employer of the Year | Energy & Utilities
A19. Employer of the Year | Engineering and Technology
A20. Employer of the Year | Environmental Products and Services
A21. Employer of the Year | Export & Import
A22. Employer of the Year | Fashion, Beauty, Apparel & Accessories
A23. Employer of the Year | Financial
A24. Employer of the Year | Food & Beverage
A25. Employer of the Year | Healthcare Products & Services
A26. Employer of the Year | Hospitality, Travel, Recreation, and Leisure
A27. Employer of the Year | Industrial Goods
A28. Employer of the Year | Information Technology Cloud/SaaS
A29. Employer of the Year | Information Technology Hardware
A30. Employer of the Year | Information Technology Hybrid
A31. Employer of the Year | Information Technology Services
A32. Employer of the Year | Information Technology Software
A33. Employer of the Year | Insurance
A34. Employer of the Year | Legal
A35. Employer of the Year | Manufacturing
A36. Employer of the Year | Media & Entertainment
A37. Employer of the Year | Metals, Mining, and Material
A38. Employer of the Year | Non-Profit or Government Organizations
A39. Employer of the Year | Pharmaceuticals and Biotech
A40. Employer of the Year | Real Estate and Construction
A41. Employer of the Year | Retail
A42. Employer of the Year | Security Cloud/SaaS
A43. Employer of the Year | Security Hardware
A44. Employer of the Year | Security Services
A45. Employer of the Year | Security Software
A46. Employer of the Year | Telecommunications
A47. Employer of the Year | Wholesale & Distribution
A48. Employer of the Year | Others
A49. Employer of the Year | Africa
A50. Employer of the Year | Asia-Pacific
A51. Employer of the Year | Canada
A52. Employer of the Year | China
A53. Employer of the Year | Europe
A54. Employer of the Year | Germany
A55. Employer of the Year | India
A56. Employer of the Year | Latin America
A57. Employer of the Year | Middle-East
A58. Employer of the Year | USA
A59. Best Employer Achievement of the Year
A60. Best Employers for Creative People
A61. Best Employers for Diversity
A62. Best Employers for Employee Career Growth
A63. Best Employers for Work-Life Balance
A64. Best Employers that Empower Employees
A65. Best Employers with Best Benefits and Perks
A66. Best Employers with Employee Recognition Programs
A67. Best Employers with Leadership Commitment
A68. Best Overall Employer of the Year

B. Diversity Awards categories

B01. Diversity Individual of the Year
B02. Diversity Team of the Year
B03. Diversity Corporate Achievement of the Year

C. Human Resources Individual Awards categories

C01. CEO of the Year (People-Focused)
C02. Chief Happiness Officer of the Year
C03. Chief Human Resources Officer of the Year
C04. Chief Learning Officer of the Year
C05. Compliance & Safety Professional of the Year
C06. Employee Education Consultant of the Year
C07. Employee Relations Professional of the Year
C08. Executive Recruiter of the Year
C09. HR Consultant of the Year
C10. HR Entrepreneur of the Year
C11. Human Resources Executive of the Year
C12. Human Resources IT Professional of the Year
C13. Human Resources Professional of the Year
C14. Internal Communications Professional of the Year
C15. International Human Resources Professional of the Year
C16. Onboarding Professional of the Year
C17. Payroll-Benefits Professional of the Year
C18. Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Professional of the Year
C19. Technical Recruiting Professional of the Year
C20. Training & Development Professional of the Year

D. Human Resources Team Awards categories

D01. Employee Benefits or Payroll Administration Team of the Year
D02. Employee Experience and Culture Team of the Year
D03. Employee Happiness & Engagement Team of the Year
D04. Employee Performance Review Team of the Year
D05. Employee Records Management Team of the Year
D06. Employee Relations Team of the Year
D07. Employee Retention Team of the Year
D08. Globalization and Diverse Workforces Team of the Year
D09. HR IT, Tools and Services Team of the Year
D10. Internal Employee Communications Team of the Year
D11. Learning-Training Team of the Year
D12. Onboarding Team of the Year
D13. Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Team of the Year
D14. Rewards and Recognitions Team of the Year
D15. Safety and Compliance Training Team of the Year
D16. Talent Management Team of the Year
D17. Human Resources Team of the Year – Others

E. Human Resources Achievement Awards categories

E01. Achievement in Closing the Leadership Gap
E02. Achievement in Developing and Promoting Women
E03. Achievement in Equal Pay
E04. Achievement in Hiring Women
E05. Achievement in Mentorship and Sponsorship of Women
E06. Achievement in Promoting Work-Life Balance
E07. Achievement in Respectful Culture
E08. Achievement in Women Retention

F. Best HR Product or Service Solution Awards categories

F01. 360 Degree Feedback Solution 
F02. Applicant Assessment or Tracking Solution 
F03. Attendance Tracking Solution 
F04. Benefits Management Solution 
F05. Compensation Management Solution 
F06. Course Authoring Solution 
F07. Employee Engagement Solution 
F08. Employee Health Benefits Solution
F09. Employee Recognition Solution 
F10. Employee Scheduling Solution 
F11. HR Reporting Solution 
F12. Human Capital Management Solution 
F13. Human Resource Information System 
F14. Human Resource Management System 
F15. Job Board Solution 
F16. Learning Management Solution 
F17. Onboarding Solution 
F18. Payroll Management Solution 
F19. Performance Appraisal Solution 
F20. Performance Management Solution
F21. Products, Services, and Solutions for Asia-Pacific
F22. Products, Services, and Solutions for Canada 
F23. Products, Services, and Solutions for EMEA 
F24. Products, Services, and Solutions for Latin-America 
F25. Products, Services, and Solutions for USA
F26. Self-Service HR Solution 
F27. Talent Management Solution 
F28. Time and Expense Solution 
F29. Workforce Management Solution

G. Training Program of the Year

G01. Brand Training 
G02. Compliance Training 
G03. Consumer Education Training 
G04. CyberSecurity Training 
G05. Diversity or Sensitivity Training 
G06. Information Technology (IT) Training 
G07. Interpersonal Skills Training Leadership Training 
G08. Literacy Training Managerial Training 
G09. New Hire Training 
G10. Problem-Solving Training 
G11. Product & Service Training 
G12. Professional or Legal Training 
G13. Quality Training Safety Training 
G14. Sales Training
G15. Systems Training Technical Training
G16. Training Program for Asia-Pacific
G17. Training Program for Canada
G18. Training Program for EMEA
G19. Training Program for Latin-America
G20. Training Program for USA

H. Corporate Milestone categories

H01. Milestone of the Year | Anniversary
H02. Milestone of the Year | Customer Growth
H03. Milestone of the Year | Jobs Growth
H04. Milestone of the Year | Partners and Distribution Growth
H05. Milestone of the Year | Products and Services Growth
H06. Milestone of the Year | Profits Growth
H07. Milestone of the Year | Revenue per Employee Growth
H08. Milestone of the Year | Sales Revenue Growth