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Victor Barris: A CSOs guide to Identity and Access Management

Identropy is a leading Identity as a Service (IDaaS) provider, whose offerings enable organizations to derive maximum value from their Identity and Access Management (IAM) initiatives in the most cost-effective manner. Providing domain expertise across the entire IAM lifecycle, Identropy’s Advisory, Implementation and Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) service offerings have already benefited more than 150 organizations. Identropy’s innovative Secure Cloud-based Unified Identity (SCUID) platform enables organizations to reduce the cost and complexity, optimize day-to-day management, and accelerate time-to-value of their IAM investments. Founded in 2006, Identropy is a privately held company.

Rake Narang: What are the current problems plaguing Identity and Access Management?

Victor Barris: Traditional Identity Management offerings continue to be 3270 solutions in an Internet world. Current on-premise IAM solutions are archaic, expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming to implement. Most critically, they are extremely difficult for end-users to interact with. In an era where people are able to intuitively self-learn the interfaces for shopping, stock trading, and social networking, IAM UIs continue to remain complicated and cluttered. There is no reason why IAM solutions should be so hard to use and slow to deliver value.

About Victor Barris

As Pillar, Victor drives Identropy’s overall business strategy. He has been in Information Technology for over eighteen years in various capacities ranging from Business Development to Sales and Marketing. Prior to Identropy, he was EVP at CRT Group, where he grew the Security Practice to triple digit YTY growth. Earlier in his career, Victor was in consulting, specializing in enterprise systems architecture and information security, working with firms such as Andersen Consulting, IBM, Baltimore Technologies, JP Morgan and Bear Stearns.

Rake Narang: Why are Cloud-based solutions particularly suited for this market?

Victor Barris: We see three main reasons – Cost, Time to Value (TTV), and Usability.

From a cost and TTV perspective, cloud-based solutions far outshine an on-premise approach.  With our solution, IAM programs are up and running within two months and cost just a few dollars per user per month - even less with volume discounts.  The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for SCUID is 1/10 that of traditional IDM implementations over a three year window.

As for usability, 99% of the users of an IAM interface neither know nor care about Identity Management.  They have day jobs in departments such as sales, marketing, and accounting and are merely looking to quickly request, or approve, or recertify something and get on with their lives.  Our product development approach involved many rigorous iterations of taking UI prototypes out to different end-customers to find out what worked for them and what didn’t.  The end result is an interface that is elegant to the eye and intuitive to navigate, powered by a back-end that leverages powerful data intelligence and pattern matching capabilities that make it easy for business users to properly assign roles and privileges to their teams.

Rake Narang: How is "Identity" different than "Security”? Or where is the overlap?

Victor Barris: Identity and Security form a Venn diagram. The intersection covers key security objectives such as instant deprovisioning for users that leave a company, and compliance objectives such as periodic recertification of user entitlements and “who-has-what” reporting. Security also covers numerous other areas (threat management, IDS / IPS, desktop security, etc.) that are well outside the scope of Identity Management solutions. Conversely, Identity covers many business enablement scenarios such as automated provisioning and user self-service that can enhance productivity and reduce operating costs.

Rake Narang: What must CSOs look for in a smart identity management solution?

Victor Barris: Smart Identity Management is Identropy’s approach to deliver IAM in a way that addresses the key reasons these programs have struggled. Through extensive engagements and interviews with customers of all sizes and industries, we’ve identified the key reasons IAM projects frequently stall. These realities have molded the patent-pending design, functionality, and usability of our SCUID platform. A lot of IP went into SCUID, the end result being a service offering that quickly, easily and cost effectively addresses the IAM needs of a diverse set of stakeholders, each with their own set on IAM issues.

Company: Identropy
254 West 21st St, 2nd Floor, New York NY 10001 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2006
Pillar: Victor Barris
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: United States
Products: IDentity-as-a Service (IDaaS) solutions provider
Company’s Goals: Leverage the cloud to innovate Identity and Access Management
Key Words: “Private and Hybrid Cloud”, “Identity as a Service”, Identity and Access Management”, “Identity Management”, “Shadow IT”, Identropy

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